Ordinary Days

Mom Drives

It was just a trip around the neighborhood but mom drove today for the first time in two months. When she returned I asked her how it felt. She replied Good. It felt like freedom!  I chuckled at her but then thought about how difficult this experience has been for her – being handicapped and dependent on others for so many weeks. In the morning she will drive the thirty minutes to physical therapy while I ride shotgun just in case. A feeling of confidence – to add to her determination – after a successful roundtrip tomorrow would mean I may be packing up and going home by week’s end. I’m conflicted about this as I’m still feeling overly protective of mom. I’m afraid she will hurt herself trying to do something she shouldn’t in the absence of someone to help her.

We took dad to the cancer center for his appointment this morning (he doesn’t have cancer, it is where his hematologist sees patients). His blood volume is still low but up from the 6.something it was last week. The low end of the desired range is 12. A bone marrow biopsy ruled out Leukemia. I’m not sure if the doctors will continue to search for a cause or continue with regular infusions.

Mom sat with dad while he absorbed his blood cocktail, so I went to Barnes & Noble for a large coffee to sip on while I browsed for a bit. I came across a book, Disruptive Compassion, by Hal Donaldson, the founder and CEO of Convoy of Hope. (The organization is headquartered here in Springfield but I don’t know its whole history.)  Donaldson tells of his search for meaning and purpose in his life, and stories of others who are on the “frontlines of courage and compassion in the world’s most desperate places.” With the the refugee crisis ongoing and so poignant, the book is timely. From the introduction:

Today’s revolutionaries are compassionate agitators. They stir things up. Ask tough questions. Even risk ridicule and rejection. Because they get it… It’s time to move beyond pity, anger, and disgust and do something to disrupt the status quo. It’s time to face your fears and doubts and take the first step toward action. 

When a book hits me between the eyes in the introduction I know it’s going to be a good one. I’m actually quite excited to read this.

What say you?

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