Dry January

My friend Mel commented on my Jan 1st post that she also plans to write through 2021 but it will be difficult, as life can be a bit of a snooze-fest these days. I agree with her and I am going to try and welcome the challenge of writing thoughtfully and creatively every day despite the lack of inspiration and motivation. May that come in time, and may my fear subside.

I love New Year’s resolutions but I don’t recall a time when I have kept any I made. My lists are always too long and difficult, and outside of having myself exiled to a boot camp facility with a D.I. yelling in my face, I was doomed for failure — usually by January 5th. I’m keeping it simple (simple, not easy) this year: I need to quit drinking. I just learned this is called Dry January and I like that, chopping up forever into smaller bits — one day at a time. I am mentally addicted, not physically. I drank to numb the pain of feeling too much, living in this crazy, messed up world. And the depression, the crippling social anxiety, and worrying about time stealing my parents away. Alcohol was always there to soothe me, but it also added fuel to the dumpster fire deep inside that burns me.

I think writing will help me not drink.

Instead of overhauling my diet in one fell swoop, I’m taking small steps. This week I cut out diet soda, drinking only water, coffee, and tea (mostly water. It’s been just three days and I can feel a difference). Next week the Splenda goes, along with snacking. And so on.

I’m going to dedicate a whole post to surveying the place inside me where God lives, but in keeping with my rule of small steps, today I found some uplifting voices in media to plug into, cutting down on my news consumption.

A close friend and confidant introduced me to Sarah Bessey’s Evolving Faith podcast. I listened to the first two episodes tonight and it hurt my heart in a good way. I will continue to listen.

Also today, I found The Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz podcast. Fr. Mike happens to be my favorite priest so I was very happy to see the advert by Ascension Press. Fr. Mike is walking listeners through the entire Bible in 365 episodes, providing commentary, reflection, and prayer along the way. It follows the reading plan inspired by The Great Adventure Bible Timeline which I happen to have. I have started year-long bible reading plans before but have never completed one. Being able to read along while Fr. Mike reads will be a nice change.

If you’re interested you can find information here.

What say you?

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